A Hanukkah Prayer of Thanks

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This title features Alfred Music's String Orchestra FLEX options. That means that every part in this set is now transposed into every other part, so you can play this title with any combination of like- or mixed-string ensemble. After purchasing this set, decide what additional parts you need to meet the unique needs of your ensemble, then download and print them for free at alfred.com/supplemental---free of charge. A unique Hanukkah selection, this piece embodies traditional Jewish music with its haunting melodies. In 4/4 time throughout, using easy rhythms, lifts, tremolo, a few two-note slurs, and ties, along with some cello divisi. The viola part doubles the 2nd violin and the cello doubles the bass. This is an excellent teaching piece for dotted-quarter-note rhythms. The prayer "Al Hanissim" is sung or read at Hanukkah, expressing thanks for the miracles that have been bestowed upon the people's ancestors. A Hanukkah Prayer of Thanks by Susan H. Day will convey a sense of the season. (1:50) This title is available in SmartMusic.