Alfred's Group Piano for Adults: Ensemble Music, Book 2

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Alfred's Group Piano for Adults, Ensemble Music, Book 2 is designed to be used in conjunction with Alfred's Group Piano for Adults, Book 2. Included in the book is repertoire for piano duet, two pianos, and multiple pianos. The pieces were chosen to appeal to non-keyboard music majors with little or no keyboard experience. The pieces are sure to bring hours of enjoyment while reinforcing important musical concepts.Teacher-Student Duets: Jazz Lights (Melody Bober) * King of Ragtime (Melody Bober) * Saturday Night Shuffle (Melody Bober) Student-Student Duets: Bella Tarantella (Carol Matz) * Dragon-Fire Fantasy (Carol Matz) * Festivale (Melody Bober) * Immortelle No. 2 (Fritz Spindler) * Just Chillin' Out (Martha Mier) * Rumba en la Habana (Wynn-Anne Rossi) * Skateboard Boogie (Martha Mier) * Smoke and Mirrors (Robert D. Vandall) * Sonatina in G Major (Anton André) * Sunset Minuet (Mike Springer) * Voyage on the High Seas (Melody Bober) Second Piano Parts for Solo Repertoire: Arabesque (Johann Burgmüller) * Menuet in G Major (Johann Sebastian Bach) * Musette in D Major (Johann Sebastian Bach) * A Pleasant Morning (Jean Louis Streabbog) * Sonatina in C Major (Muzio Clementi) * Sonatina in C Major (Frank Lynes) Duet Parts for Hanon Exercises: Exercise No. 12 (Melody Bober) * Exercise No. 15 (Melody Bober) Multiple Piano Ensembles: Hush-a-Bye (arr. Robert D. Vandall) * When the Saints Go Marching In (arr. Robert D. Vandall)