D'un Matin de Printemps

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The brevity of Lili Boulanger's life (1893-1918) does not obscure its substantial achievements. With the cantata Faust et Helene (1913) she became the first woman to win the Prix De Rome, and several large projects, including D'un Matin De Printemps and its companion piece D'un Soir Triste, both in various scorings, followed during the last five years of her life. D'un Matin De Printemps is remarkable for its sharpness and vigour: Lili's textures and harmonic language place her music in the French mainstream of the period, while her sensitivity to the expressive character and technical demands of the violin are in evidence throughout this striking piece. This new, authoritative performing edition by musicologist and performer Neil Heyde is an invaluable addition to the French early 20th century repertory for the instrument. The edition includes a full introduction and critical commentary.