Fundamentals of Five-String Banjo

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Ross Nickerson's Fundamentals of Five String Banjo Book, audio and video will help you get started with solid correct bluegrass banjo technique. Everything is covered in depth, demonstrated slowly for you and explained thoroughly. Includes access to online audio and video.

The book has loads of helpful advice on all the banjo basics and features easy to read music tablature with both right and left hand figuring indications and accent marks for the melody notes.

The online audio recording contains all the lessons and songs are demonstrated clearly at three speeds and also features backup play along tracks to practice with.

The online video features high quality video with split screen technology and easy to use click through menus. Also included on the video is a special feature lesson on tuning the banjo, changing a string, putting on a strap, using the picks, tightening the head and other important banjo basics. The video has an added menu option for scrolling through the songs at the slow, medium or fast tempos separately.

In addition to all these important banjo fundamental lessons, here are some songs you'll learn: Boil the Cabbage Down, Tom Dooley, Old Time Religion, Two Dollar Bill, Cripple Creek, Blackberry Blossom and John Henry.