Harlem Street Teacher

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“When I listen to Gary Davis, pictures come to mind that reflect the sketches of life’s surroundings-community, circumstance, fears, religion, likes and appreciations. He performed and listened to all types of music: Sousa marches, popular songs, cakewalks, hymns, pianists, country blues, and he played them with that wholly unique sound, approach and vision that all musicians covet. He transcends musical categorization. Davis unlocked as many secrets on those six strings as the greatest composers did on their instruments, except without the acclaim, quietly collecting a treasure of hundreds of compositions.

The Rev’s music influenced me, my compositions, my ‘choral’ sensibility on the fret board. I sang in choirs as a child, and after running out of range…from first soprano to alto, I was given a guitar and had the unique opportunity to study with two of Gary Davis’s students right from the start. The arrangements here are an homage to the Rev and I hope they challenge the inspiring guitarist in a good way; by leading a path to where it originates from and hopefully inspiring a path for your own.” - Eric Lugosch

Titles include: I Will Do My Last Singing In This Land, I’ll Be Alright, I Belong To The Band, Oh Glory, How Happy I Am, At a Georgia Camp Meeting

Level 4 • 1 DVD (120 minutes) • Detailed tab/music PDF file on DVD. DVD is region 0 playable worldwide.