Harmonica Essentials

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The Gig Savers series has been designed to provide harmonica players with answers to common questions in a concise, user-friendly fashion. This complete edition is comprised of six books written by David Barrett and Fritz Hasenpusch. Part One, "Essential Theory", covers the main body of musical knowledge needed by all harmonica players. Subjects covered include reading notation, how to build chromatic and diatonic scales, triad chord qualities, position theory and the 12-bar blues progression. Part Two, "Essential Scales", includes lessons on building chromatic/diatonic scales, position theory and scales/modes such as major, minor, mixolydian, dorian and blues. Part Three, "Essential Quick Charts", presents important reference charts that cover specific topics such as diatonic keys, bending, over-bending, positions, major/minor scales and Lee Oskar special tuning. Part Four, "Harmonica Microphones", includes discussions on microphone usage, such as popular microphones, bodies, elements, accessories, interchangeability/customization and how microphones are paired with amplifiers. Part Five, "Harmonica Amplifiers", discusses amp heads, equalizers, effects, speakers, extension cabinets, tube substitutions and how to select an amp depending on a venue. Part Six, "First Gig", shows the harmonica player what to do from the beginning until the end of a gig. Topics covered include jam session etiquette, amps, mic and harp choices, building set lists and other issues which may confront the performer.