Hispanic-American Guitar

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The guitar's entrance into American culture began in the early 1800s, introduced primarily by visiting and immigrant Spanish guitarists. Many of these newly arrived Spaniards exerted great influence on the guitar's development in 19th century America. The works in this book contain the compositions and arrangements of eight noted 19th century Hispanic American guitarist / composers with an emphasis on their works that reflect Latin themes or rhythms. Rounding out this anthology are dance forms such as the Habanera, Jota, Cachucha, Sevillano, Spanish Mazurka, and other Spanish dance related works along with extended concert pieces such as Theme and Variations, Serenades, Polonaises and a delightful arrangement of The Celebrated Spanish Retreat, a programmatic work with an unusual 'C' tuning and novel harmonic effects crafted to imitate the bugles, horns and drums as heard on the battlefield. The book features twenty-one solos and two duets which range in difficulty from easy to advanced. An extensive and well researched text along with photos and a companion recording by acclaimed guitarist/scholar Douglas Back help to make this a landmark book.