Hot Licks: Exercises and Creative Tips for the Acoustic Guitarist

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In this double DVD lesson Alberto Lombardi explores his approach to lick techniques on the acoustic guitar. Alberto has been an electric guitarist for most of his life. He had to adapt the things he does on electric to the acoustic guitar. He had to learn how to incorporate these techniques to his thumb picking arrangements.

Obviously, the biggest challenge was doing alternate picking with a thumbpick and not a flatpick. Alberto also found that hammer-ons and pull-offs needed a bit more strength, as the strings on his acoustic were heavier than his electric guitar. His approach and method have been almost exclusively the “rock approach” that uses repetitive patterns and then combines them, as opposed to the jazz way that studies entire phrases over changes. The aim of this lesson is to build a collection of patterns and ideas to develop a basis for further expansion and personal adaptation. You will study:

• Legatos,
• Alternate picking with the thumbpick
• Hybrid picking
• Harmonics - natural and artificial
• Finger strengthening exercises
• Lots of Hot Licks

Includes a detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD. DVDs are region 0, playable worldwide.