Intermediate Pieces for Classical Guitar

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Intermediate-level guitarists will enjoy playing through this varied collection of pieces, all in one volume. A wide gamut of composers from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century is included, along with a few anonymous contributions.

Continuing with the techniques and carefully thought-out fingerings and notation employed in Dr. Afshar’s previous publication (Beginning Pieces for Classical Guitar), selections like “Carcassi Study #3” and “Sor Studies Nos. 5 and 6” require the execution of rest stroke technique on their melodies in order to distinguish them clearly from the concurrent free-stroke accompaniment. In the same spirit, “Study No. 5” by Fernando Sor has been written out in a way that clearly shows the melody as it appears on beats one and three. The nine-movement suites by Gaspar Sanz and Robert de Visée introduce the student guitarist to Baroque dances and ornamentation.