Learning the Tabla, Volume 2

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The Indian tabla is a difficult pair of hand drums, but by no means should it be considered inaccessible. For those who have gone through the introductory Learning the Tabla, this book/audio is an ideal next step. It contains much new material which is appropriate for an intermediate level student.

This series introduces us to new material, concepts, and techniques. Such material includes a discussion of the complementary nature of tabla bols/technique. It also introduces us to new compositional forms such as mukhada, rela, laggi, paran, gat, tihai, and chakradar. There is an introduction to the concept of transitional bols and techniques. This set also expands upon material that was introduced in the first set by giving new tals, and their thekas, as well as a more advanced kaida. There is also a discussion of the ancient barrel drum known as the pakhawaj and a discussion of pakhawaj material that can be played on the tabla. Audio download available online.

•Easy to use book /audio download to learn intermediate level tabla.
•It continues where Mel Bay's "Learning the Tabla" left off.
•Easy to use for Indians and Non-Indians alike.
•Introduces many new compositional forms as well as more advanced theoretical material.
•May be used with or without the guidance of a teacher.